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Glory Be!

Aloha! It has been a glorious day here in Waialua on the North Shore of Oʻahu. I wish you could all come and visit! The nursery was ablaze in color today and here is a picture of "Glory Be", blooming away in a 3 gallon pot. Normally about 5", today she spread her wings to 6+" - just beautiful!

We had 23 "first blooms" in our hybridizing section, and will compost 19 of them, keeping 4 special beauties to monitor as potentially worthy of being added to our collection ... 1 large pink double was sweetly scented. Hmmmmm. I do believe sheʻs a keeper! Iʻll post pictures if we finally decide to keep any or all of the 4.

Hope your day has been awesome too! Aloha, Jill

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