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  Your hibiscus will be happiest if you give it a fertilizer with a LOW MIDDLE NUMBER and a high third number, particularly one that contains minor elements. The perfect fertilizer ratio would be 2-1-3, such as 20-10-30 with minors or something similar. The most important thing to remember is that the middle number (phosphorous) should be lower than the first and third numbers. A high third number (potassium) helps hibiscus bloom. Especially if your plant is grown in a pot, consider fertilizing once or twice a month in warm weather. 

     Hibiscus love water (but must have good drainage).  Your new hibiscus will thrive best for you if you make sure that it receives regular, deep watering during warm weather. Especially at first, it should be watered daily. After the first week or so, water so that the soil is moist but does not remain sopping wet.  Often the surface of the soil may be dry but it is wet underneath.  You can tell by sharpening a pencil and sticking the sharpened end down into the pot.  If the newly sharpened wood is wet when you take it out, then you donʻt need to water right away!

      If they are planted in the ground they will develop deep tap roots.  Once every so often, let a hose dribble by the trunk of your in-ground plant for 30-60 minutes.  (Donʻt forget to turn off the water!)  This will allow water to reach far down on the tap root, and your plant will be thrilled!

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