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Aloha!  Hibiscus Lady Nursery is located in Waialua (Mokulēʻia) on the North Shore of the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.  The nursery began in 1999.  99% of the hibiscus that we sell have been created (hybridized) here at the nursery.  People who have our plants have purchased them directly from us.
     A lot has changed for all of us during this time of Covid-19.  First and foremost our goal is to prevent infection for anyone on the property.  All of our staff and family are fully vaccinated, but we do have a 10 year old young lady who lives here and there is zero way we would put her at risk, since she canʻt yet get the vaccine.  We also know folks who have (fairly mild) breakthrough infections.  Because of this, the nursery is closed to all visitors.
     In addition, we are currently not shipping our plants off-island.  We will post on our website if and when this changes.
     The good news is that we continue to sell our beautiful plants to the good people of Oʻahu via our website -     To get the "big picture" of the currently available plants, please click on SHOP from our menu.

    We hybridize (cross pollinate) all winter long and plant out many hundreds of seeds.  About the 1 year later we begin to get first blooms on our seedlings and we end up keeping about 2-4% for further evaluation.  Eventually we keep about half of these to add to our fine stable of Hibiscus Lady hibiscus!   When we select our "keepers" we are looking for both "gorgeous" and "unusual", and in addition to beauty we also have created some hybrids with a light, sweet scent!
     All of the hibiscus that we sell are grown from cuttings - none are grafted.  Why?   It is not uncommon for grafted plants to send out suckers from their rootstock, and this can take over and eventually kill the graft.  This will never happen with our Hibiscus Lady "own root" plants.  Our plants are healthy and well rooted before we sell them and have been growing for about a year from the day the cuttings were taken.
      One final note:  we are concerned about global warming.  In order to cut down on the amount of pesticides we spray into the atmosphere, we inspect every leaf of every plant we sell.  If we see any hint of a pest or pest egg, we remove all or part of that leaf.  We expect that any partially cut leaf will eventually turn yellow and fall off.  In any case, the leaves will regenerate fairly quickly.  We do apologize if leaves are missing when you purchase a plant from us, but we are proud that we are not contributing (via over pesticide use) to global warming.

     For the time being, the plants featured on this website are available for our Oʻahu customers only.  
Aloha from

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