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Aloha from
Hibiscus Lady Nursery!

Mahalo for visiting our Hibiscus Lady website.  We are working hard to bring even more fabulous hibiscus to you.  We seem to run out rather quickly, so please check with us for availability!  We update the site & add new selections about every month.
     We try to update the SHOP page of our site every evening, so we encourage you to check out that page before scrolling through all of the pages.  Thatʻs the most accurate way to see what we actually have in stock on any given day
    You can see all of our plants at once by clicking on the SHOP link.

    We are accepting online orders for our Oʻahu customers via this site! Once you order online, we will check availability and email you an invoice.  You will then need to give us a call within 48 hours for us to continue to hold your new plants.  (808) 637-9995.  The call is to confirm your order; pay by credit card, and let us know when you would like to pick up your new plants!  Once your order has been paid for, we can hold your plants for up to a month more.
     If we donʻt hear back from you in 48 hours of sending you the invoice, we will reluctantly return the plants you ordered to inventory.

Our address for plant pick-up is:

68-240 Mahinaai St.
Waialua, HI 96791

Phone:  (808) 637-9995

     Mahalo nui!!!  Whatever you do, please stay safe and wear a mask!!!

Aloha and Welcome to our Hibiscus Lady Nursery website!  

     We have been in business for nearly a quarter of a century, and we are located on the North Shore of the island of Oʻahu.  We are hybridizers, and 99% of the beautiful hibiscus that we sell were hybridized (created) right here at our nursery.  They are 100% Hawaiʻi bred and born!  

     We continue to be concerned about Covid, and our primary goal is to keep everyone on our property Covid-free and in good health.  

     We welcome our wonderful customers to order online, either through this website OR by sending us an email with your wishlist to:  Once we determine that we have the plant(s) you wish to buy, we send you an email along with an invoice.  We then chat by phone, during which we 1.) ask for confirmation of your order; 2.) request payment via your credit card over the phone; and 3.) we set up an approximate time for you to pick up your order, contactlessly, at the entrance to the nursery.

     However, we are slightly relaxing our Covid protocols.  IF you (and anyone with you) can show us your vaccination card indicating that youʻve had the new Covid vaccine that came out in late September 2023, then we are happy to invite you into the nursery by appointment only.  We also wear masks and request that you do the same.

     In any case, we hope that you enjoy browsing through our current selection of plants on our website!  Enjoy our hibiscus and we wish you an abundance of beauty, of good health and of aloha!!!

                      MAINLAND SHIPPING

     We are in the process of readying a portion of Hibiscus Lady Nursery to become certified by the State of Hawaiʻi to ship to the neighbor islands and the Continental U.S.  Because we are hybridizers, we clone our plants from cuttings taken off the original plant that we created from seed.  (We prefer the quality of own-root hibiscus plants).  These take +/- 9 months to mature to a well rooted plant that we can easily ship.

     We have now started a NOTIFICATION LIST of folks who want us to let them know when we are close to being ready to ship.

     If you would like us to put you on our list, please send me (Jill) an email with your name and your preferred email address.  Send it to:   Mahalo!

              GLOBAL WARMING 
     We do our best to be good caretakers of the ʻāina and to contribute as little as possible to global warming.  Rather than spray pesticides in the air, we look at every leaf of your new plant, top and bottom, and remove all or part of any leaf that shows signs of pests or pest eggs.  This insures that your new plant comes to you pest-free.  If your new plant looks like itʻs lost some leaves, it is intentional on our part.  They will grow back as new leaves before you know it!

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