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Scented Hibiscus from Hibiscus Lady

    In our Hibiscus Lady hybridizing program, we often breed for fragrance.  Some of the (endemic) native Hawaiian hibiscus are fragrant, and we sometimes breed these with modern hybrids.  A small percentage of their offspring retain the light, sweet fragrance of their native Hawaiian ancestor.  Of our scented hybrids, fragrance occurs about 70-80% of the time in Hawaiʻiʻs warm weather.  It occurs most often in the mornings and in days with high humidity.  

     Under each picture is the name of the blossom and the category where you can learn about it.  For example, click on SWEET SISTER (yellows,) and that will take you to her page.  You can order from the SHOP page.  To return to this page, hit the back button on your computer OR click on SCENTEDS on the menu at the top of this page..


David Orr



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